Ganje-Penhan / The Hidden Treasure (Persian)

Soft Cover
Iran has long been recognized as a cradle of world culture, human rights, and ideals of love and unity. Unfortunately, this ancient glory has faded in recent centuries, leaving many Iranians, both within and beyond their borders, yearning for a renewed sense of belonging and a revival of their past grandeur. In response, thoughtful Iranians are seeking liberation and prosperity by reinterpreting their history through a critical and research-driven lens. Examining the ideas, lifestyle, and scientific achievements of ‘Abdul-Bahá, a pioneering Iranian thinker, is crucial to such a balanced historical exploration. Exiled from Iran at a young age, ‘Abdul-Bahá became a leading voice for modernity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As the first Eastern thinker to introduce principles of reason and equality to the West with such unwavering logic, he transcended cultural boundaries and bridged intellectual divides. ‘Abdul-Bahá's unique perspective, shaped by both exile and intellectual prowess, made him the sole Iranian of his time to travel to the West and advocate for a moral and intellectual reawakening. He proposed scientific solutions for achieving well-being and fostering global peace, leaving a legacy that continues to resonate today. This book offers an opportunity to delve into the essence of our shared compassionate and peace-loving nature, a hidden treasure potentially instrumental in paving the way for Iran's current liberation.
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