In Search of Justice (Persian)

The life of Paridokht Khaze-Wahdatehagh (Persian) (Originally $26)
Soft Cover
The book is the story of the life of Mrs. Paridokht Khaze-Wahdatehagh.

After a short recount of her childhood and youth, Mrs. Khaze-Wahdatehagh provides an in-depth narrative of the period preceding as well as after the Islamic revolution of Iran in 1979.

The book tells the story of some of the sufferings the Bahá'í community in Iran had to endure during those years and recounts the background and incidents surrounding the imprisonment and later execution of her husband Mr. Hossein Wahdatehagh on the charge of being a Bahá'í.

Supported by many pictures and scans of original documents Mrs. Khaze-Wahdatehagh managed to obtain and secure, this book is not only the story of the plight as a Bahá'í in post-revolutionary Iran from an individual's perspective, but provides material for future research to understand the implications of that period on the Bahá'í community of Iran as such.

Born in Shiraz, Iran in 1931, Mrs. Khaze-Wahdatehagh was raised in a family where her father had accepted the Bahá'í Faith while her mother was Zoroastrian. After completion of her schooling she became a teacher in her native city of Shiraz.

Following her marriage with her late husband Hossein Wahdatehagh, they moved to Tehran where he was pursuing engineering studies in the military.

She then accompanied him over the following years on extended stays in Germany, where she herself was trained to be a midwife with the hope to one day fulfill her dream of serving the needy in Africa, but destiny had something different in mind for her.

The Islamic Revolution of Iran - as can be read in the book - turned her life and that of her family up-side down. Yet it did not break her determination to find justice for herself, her family and many members of the Bahá'í community of Iran. Mrs. Khaze-Wahdatehagh managed to leave Iran in September 1993 and today lives in Berlin, Germany.

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