Journey to a Mountain

Journey to a Mountain
The Story of the Shrine of the Bab, Volume I: 1850-1921

Author: Michael V. Day
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ISBN: 9780853986034
Publisher: George Ronald
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Journey to a Mountain

This is the thrilling story of the golden-domed Shrine of the B?b, which stands in exquisite garden terraces on Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Shrine of the B?b is a symbol of the Bah?'? Faith, a world religion that envisions a peaceful global society based on the principle of the oneness of humanity.

For the first time the dramatic story of the establishment of the Shrine is told in detail. Never-before-seen photos and maps illustrate the often pulsating narrative.

By uncovering materials in English, Persian and Turkish, and by piecing together vital pieces of information, a compelling story has emerged of astounding achievement amidst great peril. It begins with the rescue of the sacred remains of the great spiritual leader, the B?b, Who had been executed in Persia in 1850 for His teachings.

Heart-stopping moments of apprehension punctuate the next 48 years as the casket containing the remains are hidden from those wanting to destroy them.

Then comes the highly secret process of carrying the casket across mountains, desert and sea to the Holy Land. Waiting for them is a prisoner of the Ottoman Empire, the commanding and charismatic 'Abdu'l-Bah? (1844-1921).

He builds a Shrine in the heart of Mount Carmel where in 1909 He inters the sacred remains of the B?b. By so doing, He fulfilled a directive issued in 1891 by the Prophet-Founder of the Bah?'? Faith, Bah?'u'll?h (1817-1892).

This stand-alone book will soon be followed by two others taking the story up to the early years of the 21st century.


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by Kenn
on 11/18/2018
from Northville
Journey to a Mountain-The Story of the Shrine of the Báb
This is an Exceptional and Excellent Spiritual Book on the History of such important moments in the Sacred Trusts of the Faith. Very carefully written with powers and deep care for the Early Historic Sacred Bábis and Bahá’ís History.
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