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Khadijih Bagum: Wife of The Bab A short account of the life of the wife of the Báb written and compiled by Mr. Hassan Balyuzi.

The father of the author wrote on the death of Khadijih Bagum,

'What a grievous loss! What a heart-rending event! May God be my witness! She was a Princess of her Age, a rare gem in her Era, a saintly soul. In her lifetime, none could value her worth.' This short account gives us a glimpse into her life.
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Great for young people

Review by Sholeh on 2/24/2020

I loved reading this book as a teenage girl because it was often hard to find books about the women in the early years of the Faith, and this is a short and sweet book about her life and the love she had for The Bab.

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