One World, One People (Originally $15)

How Globalization Is Shaping Our Future
  • Author: Gregory C. Dahl
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  • ISBN: 978-1-931847-35-3
  • Publisher: Baha'i Publishing
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Globalization and its impact are of foremost concern in today's world. The media reports that planet Earth is rapidly becoming smaller and more interconnected. Many government policies, ideas, and institutions of the past are weakening in the face of the new challenges of globalization.

Author Gregory C. Dahl, with many years of experience as an economist and senior official of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), offers a penetrating look at issues surrounding globalization and provides refreshing solutions to the many complex questions it raises. In One World, One People, Dahl relies on his global experience with the IMF and insights provided by the Bah?'? Faith to suggest a promising future for all of humankind.
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One World, One People: How Globalization is Shaping Our Future

Review by Ludwig Tuman on 3/21/2015

An excellent work and important contribution. Every person concerned about the world's recurring crises and its immediate prospects, and who wants to know what we can do to bring about a positive outcome, should ponder the vital themes of this book. In addition, it should be required reading for students majoring in Public Policy, Economics, Political Science, International Law and related fields, as it provides a wealth of information and insight into the processes of globalization and their ultimate convergence in a new kind of world society. The writing is crystal clear and highly engaging, making it easy for a layperson like myself to understand the discussion. The book's points are well documented with extensive notes and a 12-page bibliography, adding much to its value for the serious student. The final chapters outline the changes in attitudes and institutions that will be needed to bring about a more just, peaceful and sustainable order.

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