Peace For Our Planet

A New Approach
Soft Cover

Peace For Our Planet

A New Approach

This book tells the story of a new historical diatectic in the world between two parallel processes - construction and destruction. The author proposes that a constructive global collective consciousness emerged in the nineteenth century, and humanity has since progressed toward the achievement of a more just and peaceful world. Outworn and destructive mindsets that have constituted the root causes of war for millennia - such as racism, nationalism, religious strife, gender inequality and extremes of wealth and poverty - have now been fully exposed and delegitimized. Those who have profited from these divisive attitudes, however, are bound to take a last stand. Amidst the blinding haze generated by the accelerating collapse of outworn mindsets and institutions, this book brings into focus the forward march of the constructive process towards peace, and the powerful role each of us can play in its realization.

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Peace for Our Planet shines an optimistic lens on our shared future

Review by Samantha Massaglia on 12/24/2022

This is an engaging, accessible, well-researched book. If you are seeking a better understanding of the scope, pace, and kinds of changes occurring in the world right now (and the constructive and destructive societal forces causing them) - and want a reason to be optimistic about our planet's collective future - Dr. Akhavan's analysis is worth your time. Filled with scholarship-driven insights, Peace for Our Planet: A New Approach offers inspiring (and concrete) evidence that a wonderful transformation is occurring across the planet. The bottom line is this: Peace is not just possible or probable, it's inevitable, and we all have a role in making it happen.

Vital Insights Shed Light on Path to Peace

Review by Ludwig Tuman on 12/23/2022

Insightful. Lucid. Concise. Brilliant. To the many accolades already written about Roya Akhavan's Peace for Our Planet, all of which I wholeheartedly agree with, I would only add this. The book's substantial contribution to the subject of world peace derives largely from Dr. Akhavan's ability to deftly weave together many of the world's most troubling, seemingly unrelated challenges and show how they all fit into a simple paradigm of processes happening on either a destructive or a constructive plane. Within that paradigm she exposes the root causes of the world's troubles and shows how they are interrelated. She also proposes practical and completely feasible steps to encourage the constructive process that leads ultimately to the world's unification and peace. Social and political leaders, college students, and everyone with an interest in current affairs, would do well to ponder the insights and recommendations of this book with care.

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