Safiniy-i-Irfan, Book 18 (Persian)

Studies in Principal Beliefs and Sacred Texts of Baha'i Faith
Soft Cover
Safiniy-i `Irf?n is a collection of studies on the principal beliefs and Sacred Texts of the Baha'i Faith, particularly papers presented at 'Irfan Colloquia. The Colloquia aim to foster study of the scriptures of the world's religions from a Baha'i perspective. This is Book Eighteen in the series.

Book Eighteen includes:

A Review of Kit?b-I Badi

Use of Metaphores and Allegories

Tablet of Huriyyih and Kalim?t-I ?liyyat

Inner Essence of the Holy Books

Brief Review of Messages of Shoghi Effendi

Q?em-Maq?m-e Farahani in Bah?'i Writings

Centenary of World War 1

Disconnection of the Created from the Creator

How to Live the Bah?'i life
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