Science and Art of Being Human

Questioning accepted understandings - A Baha'i perspective
  • Author: Margaret Appa
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This book challenges the accepted belief in present-day society that the sciences and arts are separate or even oppositional domains, unrelated and separate areas of learning requiring either special 'intelligence' (for scientists) or special 'talent' for artists. 'Ordinary' people often do not see themselves as possessing either of these capacities. Yet science and art permeate every aspect of all our lives. The problem is not with the words but with how we understand them.

With decades of experience as an artist and teacher, Margaret Appa explores the perspective in the Bah?'? teachings - and now increasingly recognized by others - where science is seen as any system of knowledge and art any form of skill that enables that system of knowledge to be applied in practice: 'Science is knowledge and art is the application of knowledge or the application of science.' This does not exclude what is now considered 'art', but expands it to include the creative capacity of every human being who designs, makes, fashions and creates all those objects and experiences that mankind has devised, that is our world - our homes, our cities, our means of travel on the planet and beyond, including parents applying their hard-won skills to raising the next generation, and those who feed, educate and keep us safe.

No one should be labelled capable /incapable / able /not able; the only limiting factor is the willpower and opportunity of each human being to realize their potential and to know their responsibility. We are all responsible for the acquisition, the application and the diffusion of knowledge, according to our unique capacities and abilities, with the overall goal of building a prosperous world civilization. No one is excluded from this major undertaking; in the cause of justice all human beings must be included.

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