Tokens Magazine, number 15

Summer 2022
Soft Cover

Tokens Magazine provides an international forum to share spiritually inclined poetry and works of the visual arts in support of its mission to develop the arts on a cooperative basis. The magazine is only available in print form. This issue has contributors from Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, England, Ethiopia, Israel, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the United States. Editor: James Tichenor Design: Melanie Etemad


JoAnn Pangione Arcos . Sheila Wolcott Banani . Bret Breneman . Alan J. Campbell . William P. Collins . Aniela Costello . Jim Ferguson . Pete Hulme . Eric C. Larson . Amy Leone . Sylvia Miley . Sarah Munro . Linda Naseem . June Perkins . Gail Radley . Shirin Sabri . James Tichenor

Art and Photographs

Gail Amare . Thelma Batchelor . Leonard Ericks . Reissa Gibbs . Saraiya Kanning


Winter by Thelma Batchelor

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