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Transformative Leadership for Youth

Product Code: TLY
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Weight: 8 oz

Often leadership is considered to be the exclusive calling of a few. In contrast, transformative leadership indicates how we can all show leadership at home, at school and in the organizations to which we belong, without the need of authority or a formal position as the head of a group. Transformative leadership puts emphasis on the interaction between personal and social transformation and focuses on the nobility in each human being, promoting an attitude of service, and a commitment to moral values freely chosen by each person. Consulting on these and other elements of transformative leadership and carrying out exercises to apply them gets to the root of common problems, such as bullying behaviors. However, going beyond bettering our understanding and changing our attitudes toward leadership, the 18 capabilities of transformative leadership provide the skills to better direct our own lives and to contribute to an ever-progressing civilization. Faced with the tremendous challenges that characterize this stage of human history, transformative leadership gives youth an idea of what they can do to build a better world –- starting wherever they are.


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