Always Time

Baha'i Pioneering Adventures in Honduras
Soft Cover

Always Time: Baha’i Pioneering Adventures in Honduras is an exciting, inspiring, funny and heartwarming memoir that begins in 1970 when, with an unexpected change in plans, the authors find themselves attending a talk that focuses on the need for pioneers to teach the Baha’i Faith in foreign countries. Where? “Honduras,” the International Goals Committee office suggests. What’s it like? “It’s hard to describe. You just have to go there to find out!”

Within four months the young couple are headed south in a Volkswagen camper van, learning as they go: how to navigate unfamiliar roads and cultures; how to make a living and raise a family, from hawking homemade peanut candy to founding a bilingual school; how to best share the Faith in ways that will be well-received. Following this resourceful and resilient couple – with a sense of humor to match their sense of adventure - through the surprising turns of the next five decades not only entertains but offers valuable perspectives for pioneers, other teachers of the Faith, and indeed anyone.

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A Worthwhile Read - Honest and Heartfelt

Review by Brent Poirier on 10/23/2023

This is a very well-written book, providing both factual background and stories of just-in-the-nick-of-time aid from the Concourse on High. The Cornells went pioneering some 50 years ago at the suggestion of Ruhiyyih Khanum, and raised three children in that environment as they served the Honduran people. Their experiences led them to seek advanced degrees in the field of bilingual education and to establish a fine school in Honduras, the El Alba Bilingual School. It is a book of fear and resolution; doubt and confirmation; crisis and resolution through hard work, fervent prayer and seizing opportunities. This book has a lot of heart and honesty, and gets into the nitty-gritty of what pioneers worldwide experience daily. It's a marvelous record of fifty years of service to the Lord of Hosts, replete with faith and humor. Highly recommended for general reading, as gifts for youth planning to homefront pioneer in unfamiliar and scary surroundings and aspiring foreign pioneers.

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