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Arising is the autobiography of Kevin Locke—a member of the Lakota tribe and a renowned hoop dancer, flutist, and storyteller—who has traveled the world as a performer and a promoter of principles such as the oneness of humankind. Locke’s early life was distinguished by a quest for meaning, and on the advice of tribal elders, he embarked as a young man on a traditional four-day fast to seek answers about his life’s direction. The fast, which Locke describes in fascinating and vivid detail, did not seem at first to present the answers he sought.

Spending time in Alaska, New Mexico, and South Dakota in his youth, Kevin saw firsthand the inspirational and tireless efforts of his mother, Patricia Locke, in working to empower native communities, and he began to immerse himself in Lakota customs, studying the language and gaining a mastery of it. In what would prove to be a pivotal moment in Kevin’s life, he learned the hoop dance for which he is most well-known, and which he would travel the world performing. Kevin’s stunning performances have offered audiences in every corner of the globe a glimpse of Lakota culture and have served to reinforce cultural and spiritual connections between people of all backgrounds.

Throughout the pages of Arising, Kevin brings his international travels to life in colorful detail; reflects on the significance of the Bahá’í Faith, the religion with the world-embracing vision that he embraced early in his adult life; recounts his experiences with and lessons learned from his mother, a recipient of the MacArthur Genius Award; and shares his understanding of Lakota belief and culture. The result is a beautiful book full of engaging stories and a deep spirituality that will touch the hearts of many readers.

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Review by sola on 7/5/2019

Truly inspiring and very informative! Many Thanks also to Kim Douglas who was instrumental in sharing Kevon Locke's remarkable life and insights.


Review by Shahram on 10/22/2018

What a great book. I have been so fortunate to have experienced the American Indigenous heritage. However, all those wonderful memories and experiences seemed to have been recorded in black and white and lacked sound. But, after reading this book, I look back and I can see those same memories now in full vivid living colors and with high definition sound and voices. Reading Arising, made those experiences of my life richer. Thank you, Kevin, for writing this book – a true service.


Review by Verne L. on 9/28/2018

I have just finished Arising by Kevin Locke and I was sorry to see the book end. An amazing and interesting and informative book. There was so much I didn't know or knew very little about. What a life! I want to thank him for all the information about Native American life and cultures, and indigenous cultures worldwide. A must-read book!

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