Riddle of the Hollow Reed

When a wandering dervish travels to a remote village and captivates the townspeople with the beautiful melodies of his flute, the king and queen, along with their royal henchmen, begin to fear his influence and are determined to discredit him. Concocting an elaborate scheme, they plan to ensure that the dervish will not continue to win the hearts of the people! But it is the dervish who emerges victorious, as his love and kindness transform the village, while the selfish qualities of the royal court prove to be their undoing. Beautifully illustrated and containing memorable characters, The Riddle of the Hollow Reed is a thought-provoking parable that will appeal to both children and adults alike. For readers ages 6-8.
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Review by J. Tyson on 5/20/2017

Hardcover, 31 pages, generally formatted as a page of text (18 font) with a facing page of illustration (some in color, more in black & white).

Big hit with my little friends!

Review by Jill Moritz on 2/6/2015

I gave this book to my 5 year old grand daughter and she loved it - wanting me to read it to her over and over. I also gave it to a couple children of a friend - same response. The book is utterly charming and a very engaging, interesting story. Well done!

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Illustrator: Taurus Burns